ERV - 230V, 50Hz single-phase thyristor controller, designed for fan speed control through infinitely variable voltage modification.


ERV - 230V, 50Hz single-phase thyristor controller available in surface-mounted version. Device controls a fan's operation based on external analog signal (0-10V or 4-20mA - voltage proportional to the signal value).

It has the function of manually limiting minimum and maximum voltage and analog signal set values at which the fan is switched off.


Speed regulators can cooperate only with fans adapted to rotation speed control in one of the mentioned ways.

All thyristor regulators can cause motor noise at low rotation speeds - lowering the rotation speed below 50% of the nominal value is not recommended.
Name Nominal
voltage [V]
I max
ERV-3 230 3 0.7
ERV-5 230 5 0.8
ERV-10 230 10 0.8