Single-phase, continuously variable thiristor speed governor in surface mounted version. Controller designed for cooperation with electric engines supplied by single phase (230 / 50Hz) current, adapted for voltage speed control.


Accessories allowing to change the fan efficiency by reducing the voltage.

TLR 15 DS, TLR 25 DS – Single-phase (230V, 50Hz), continuously variable thyristor speed controller in surface-mounted version.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 200-240V / 50 Hz
  • Load Range:
    • 0,15 - 1,5A (TLR 15 DS)
    • 0,25 - 2,5A (TLR 25 DS)
  • IP protection: IP 44
  • Type of control: max - min
  • Dimensions: 82x89x68 mm


Speed controllers can cooperate only with fans adapted to rotation speed control in one of the following ways.

All thyristor controllers can cause engine noise at low speeds - it is not recommended to lower the speed below 50% of the nominal value.
Name Nominal
voltage [V]
I max
TLR 15 DS 230 1.5 0 40
TLR 25 DS 230 2.5 0 40