Rain cover GMT

Covers protect motor from the impact of weather conditions (e.g. rain, snow, excessive sun exposure). Assembly with screws directly to the fan’s shield.


GMT rain covers protect a fan motor from atmospheric conditions (rain, excessive sunlight). Mounting with screws directly to the fan disk.


Covers are made of high quality aluminum-zinc sheet. Depending on the size they are produced in two different versions.

For smaller units: GMT60, GMT80, GMT100, GMT130, GMT200, GMT300 round covers are used with the extrusion stiffening the construction. In larger models: GMT500, GMT700, GMT900, GMT1200, GMT1500, covers consist of two pieces and have a hexagonal shape.

On request there is a possibility of manufacturing covers from other materials.
GMT 60, 80
GMT 100, 130
GMT 200, 300
GMT 500
GMT 700
GMT 900
GMT 1200
GMT 1500